'Kenilworth domestic worker attack needs more attention'

Cynthia Joni was allegedly assaulted on her way to work after being mistaken for a sex worker.

SWEAT members protesting outside the Wynberg Magistrate Court in support of Cynthia Joni on 26 November 2014. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) says a case against the Kenilworth man who allegedly assaulted a woman he mistook for a prostitute needs attention.

Swimming school owner Tim Osrin allegedly attacked domestic worker Cynthia Joni while she was on her way to work in October.

Osrin appeared in the Wynberg Magistrates Court on Thursday.

He has not formally pleaded to charges that relate to the alleged attack on the Khayelitsha woman.

Osrin reportedly claimed her attacked Joni because he mistook her for a sex worker.

SWEAT spokesperson and human rights lawyer Cherith Sanger says the case is of utmost importance.

"He's admitted to assaulting someone on the basis that he believed she was a sex worker. That's a very loaded statement. What he was saying because you're a sex worker it's okay that I assault you."

The swimming school owner's lawyer has already indicated they would like to enter into a plea bargain agreement with the state.