Petrol price drops for December

All grades of petrol will drop by 69 cents a litre, the department confirmed today.

Petrol pump at BP station. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Energy Department says from Wednesday 3 December the price of petrol will drop by 69 cents a litre.

Diesel will drop by 53 cents while illuminating paraffin will cost 49 cents less.

LP Gas will drop by 21 cents.

Earlier this month the Automobile Association (AA) predicted that the petrol price would plummet by as much as 70 cents.

The association's Marius Luyt, "The positive out of this is it means more money in the pocket of the consumer at the end of the day."

The department says the main contributing factor to the fuel price decrease is the continual drop in the crude oil prices, which fell to about $80 per barrel, during the period under review (31 October 2014 to 27 November 2014).

In line with the self-adjusting slate levy mechanism rules, the slate levy on petrol and diesel will remain unchanged at zero cents per litre effective from 3 December 2014.