Conrad Koch still pulling the strings

Steve Hofmeyr’s representative squashed Chester Missing's face after court proceedings yesterday.

Chester Missing and Conrad Koch. Picture: Supplied.

CAPE TOWN - Ventriloquist and comedian Conrad Koch has described musician Steve Hofmeyr's court action against him as "madness".

The Randburg Magistrates Court on Thursday ruled Hofmeyr opened himself up to criticism by making racially provocative statements on Twitter.

An interim protection order obtained by the musician against Koch and his puppet, Chester Missing, was also cancelled.

Earlier this month, Hofmeyr stated in Twitter that black people were the architects of apartheid, which resulted in Koch calling on his sponsors to cancel their contracts with him.

Hofmeyr had argued his reputation had been damaged.


Koch tells EWN what took place during a confrontation between his puppet and Hofmeyr's legal representative Dan Roodt after court proceedings on Thursday.

He said while he and Missing waited outside court to ask Roodt why the singer didn't attend proceedings, Roodt responded angrily, by squeezing the firm head of the puppet.

He then said, "Afrikaners are defamed and insulted, but they will not be shaken".

Koch says, "Chester Missing asked him why Hofmeyr was such a coward that he couldn't come to court to face his own racism. And Chester asked Dan if he's going to get himself a KKK outfit after this."

Laughing, the ventriloquist said, "Dan couldn't take the heat and grabbed Chester and tried to squash him… Then we marched him out of court shouting 'Phansi racism phansi!'."

Koch says the only reason Hofmeyr dragged him to court over their social media fight is because the Afrikaans singer tried to 'make money out of racism'.