Home Affairs protest: Teargas, rubber bullets fired

The group of asylum-seekers dispersed following clashes with police and guards.

An asylum seeker is holding a stone during riots outside Home Affairs in Cape Town on 27 November 2014. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Police and Home Affairs security officials have managed to disperse an angry crowd of asylum-seekers who threw rocks and stones in a protest earlier on Thursday.

The area around the Home Affairs office on the Foreshore was cordoned for about an hour and half.

Officials fired rubber bullets, teargas and pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

The area has since been reopened.

Asylum-seekers told Eyewitness News they had come to the Home Affairs office today to complete paperwork.

But they were then told to go back to the places where they had originally applied for asylum, some as far away as Musina and Pretoria.

One woman, who had a baby on her back, said she had been pepper-sprayed by Home Affairs security officials.

Police helped her, ushering her away from the crowd.

One person was arrested and two people could be seen bleeding from their injuries.

Pictures by Thomas Holder.