Steve Hofmeyr vs Conrad Koch case back in court

The court will decide whether an interim protection order obtained by Hofmeyr must be made permanent.

Political puppet Chester Missing and his puppet master, Conrad Koch. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - The Randburg Magistrates Court will hear arguments today on whether the original interim protection order obtained by Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr against Conrad Koch and his puppet Chester Missing must be made permanent or cancelled.

Earlier this month Hofmeyr tweeted 'Blacks were the architects of apartheid'.

...that caused Koch to respond under his puppet's twitter account, suggesting the singer is a racist.

Koch then challenged sponsors to cancel their contracts with Hofmeyr, which the singer claims caused him and the Afrikaans music industry massive damage.

If Hofmeyr's team succeeds in convincing the magistrate to make the protection order permanent, it will be effective for five years.

Dan Roodt says he will be in court to represent the singer.

"Innovative arguments around the whole issue of racism… its' going to be interesting to see how they're going to respond to those. We've looked at some of the ideology behind so-called anti-racism and what it actually is."

Koch's lawyer Dario Milo says their main argument will deal with freedom of speech.

"It will be a very interesting hearing. These arguments are important for our democracy and it's important that the ambit from the Protection from Harassment Act in this context be clarified."

If the magistrate decides to make the protection permanent, Koch could have a criminal record.