Chaos erupts at Foreshore Home Affairs

An angry group of foreign nationals are throwing rocks at police who have fired back with rubber bullets.

Police disperse protesting asylum seekers outside the Foreshore Home Affairs office. Picture: @lebrun2507 via Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - Police fired rubber bullets and teargas as asylum seekers threw stones and rocks in a protest outside the Home Affairs offices on the Foreshore, Cape Town.

The foreign nationals are angry because some have been told to go back to the places they originally applied for asylum to complete their paperwork.

An immigrant says this is a major setback.

"We came to Home Affairs, but we found we're too many to get an appointment for today which is the day set by them. Home Affairs don't extend the dates for anybody, except for those here in Cape Town."

Asylum seekers say some have been told to go back to places as far away as Musina to complete their paperwork.

More details to follow.