CWU threatens to reignite strike if demands not met

The decision to put the strike on hold follows an ultimatum from Sapo management.

FILE: Sapo has reported that workers are steadily returning to work. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Communication Workers Union (CWU) says although it's decided to suspend the four month Post Office strike, it will still pursue a 7.5 percent wage hike and fight for casual employees to be made permanent.

The decision by the union to put the strike on hold follows an ultimatum from South African Post Office (Sapo) management demanding that employees return to work or face being fired.

CWU's Clyde Mervin says it will continue talks with the parastatal and if a final agreement cannot be reached, it will continue with the strike in January.

"If a final agreement isn't reached, we'll have a full blown strike by January."

Last week, the union refused to sign an agreement reached by the Post Office and two other unions in the sector.

It stated that workers will get a 6.5 percent wage increase.

Sapo has meanwhile reported that employees are steadily returning to work.

The parastatal says major mail sorting centres including Witspos and Tshwane Mail are now 100 percent staffed and operational.

Sapo is hoping it'll take just over three weeks for the four-month backlog to clear.