'Woolies losing R8m a month for stocking Israeli goods'

The NC4P claims its campaign is reaching close to 4 million people.

FILE: Isu Chiba, Robben Island political prisoner, calls for the boycott Woolworths. Picture: Via @azharvadi on Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - A group leading a boycott of Woolworths products claims the retailer is losing close to R8 million per month because of the campaign.

The National Coalition for Palestine (NC4P) has today revealed a report which claims the boycott campaign is reaching close to 4 million people on social media.

The NC4P, ANC Youth League and the Congress of South African Students in the Western Cape released the report today.

NC4P chairperson Edwin Arrison said although Woolworths is not the only South African business trading with Israel, they are using a targeted approach by focusing on one business.

Arrison said the NC4P picked Woolworths because it claims to be an ethical business, having won an award for being the most responsible retailer for three years in a row.

The group says because Woolworths claims less than 1 percent of its goods are from Israel, it should be easy for the retailer to stop its business trade with the country.

The NC4P report claims Woolworths has lost approximately R31 million since the start of the campaign.

The retail giant has also become the focus of a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign aimed at compelling companies to end trade relationships with Israel over its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

The BDS group launched its boycott Woolworths campaign in August this year during the seven-week war between Israel and Palestine in Gaza.