'No SA citizens fighting for ISIS'

SA’s State Security Agency says it’s not aware of citizens who left SA to fight for ISIS.

Screengrab of militant group ISIS.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's State Security Agency says its monitoring activities in Iraq and Syria, but is not aware of citizens that have already taken up the fight there.

Newspapers at the weekend reported that 140 South Africans from Gauteng and the Western Cape had left for Iraq and Syria to fight for the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS).

State Security Agency spokesman Brian Dube says as far as the agency knows, there aren't any South Africans fighting for ISIS.

"But of course as part of our ongoing work with regards to issues of terrorism, we're always working with our partners to try and get information which will assist us."

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco)'s Nelson Kgwete says the United Nations (UN) Security Council recently criminalised any support offered to ISIS by UN member states.

"We stand together with those countries that call on the citizens to refrain from taking part in any conflict abroad."

More than 80 countries around the world have released statements, confirming their citizens are fighting for the terror group, with the United Kingdom saying about five people leave there every week en route to Syria or Iraq.