Voting for DA Gauteng leader begins

The Democratic Alliance (DA)’s provincial congress is underway in Boksburg today.

FILE: Democratic Alliance members. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Voting for a Gauteng leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) has started at the party's provincial congress underway in Boksburg today.

Incumbent John Moodey is expected to return to his seat but faces some opposition from Refiloe Ntsekhe who is campaigning for a fresh start and access to leadership structures.

Moodey has received widespread support from the DA's regional secretaries in Gauteng and is credited with increasing the party's support by 30 percent in Gauteng in last year's elections.

Each candidate was allowed an opportunity to campaign for their election and Moodey promised a big win for the opposition in 2016 elections.

"Gauteng is a catalyst for change in the DA, and I ask you to continue to vote for me, vote for success, vote for unity in this party, vote for tried and tested leadership, we will take municipalities in 2016, that I promise you."

Ntsekhe told the 981 delegates attending the congress that the party needs something new to stay relevant in a new political landscape.

"Our political landscape has changed. The Economic Freedom Fighters and Numsa are doing things differently, weakening the ANC. Our campaigns have brought us this far, but only fresh thinking will give us a chance to win over new voters as the ANC crumbles."

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