Uitsig murders: Barend Langley hailed a hero

Barend has been hailed a hero for attempting to protect the teen who was attacked by a gang.

Two Uitsig relatives who died are being buried today, 22 November 14. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A Cape Town man has been called a hero after he died due to injuries sustained while trying to protect his nephew.

Justin Langley (17) was being attacked by a group of about 10 men in Uitsig earlier this month when his uncle tried to intervene and protect him.

However, neither of them survived the attack.

Justin was hacked to death after confronting the group he accused of attacking a relative.

Barend was wounded while trying to protect him and later died in hospital.

Numerous speakers condemned their killing saying they did not deserve to die in such a violent way.

Barend has been hailed a hero for attempting to protect the teen.

Eyewitnesses say the two were mutilated with an axe and a homemade claw-like weapon.

Emotional family members and friends have told the packed congregation at the Baptist church they are struggling to deal with the double tragedy.

Police have arrested six suspects in connection with the attack who are currently behind bars.

They're due back in court next month.

More than 700 residents have signed a petition in protest against the accused being released on bail.

They say there's no place for murderers in their community.