Thomas Ferreira’s family want closure

Ferreira was left brain damaged in 2011 after being hit by blue light driver, Joseph Semitjie.

FILE: Thomas Ferreira's parents Paul and Priscilla. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The family of Thomas Ferreira, who was left brain damaged after being hit by a blue light driver, say they want the court case to wrap up soon so they can find closure.

Sentencing proceedings for Joseph Semitjie continued in the Krugersdorp Magistrates Court on Thursday after he was found guilty of reckless and negligent driving.

Semitjie knocked over Ferreira in 2011 in Roodepoort, because he was apparently rushing former MEC Humphrey Mmemezi to a meeting.

The state is calling for a prison term, while Semitjie's lawyers say correctional supervision is an appropriate sentence.

Ferreira's father Paul says justice must be served.

"To us a slap on the wrist is not going to be justice. We were hoping for it to be over now, to put it behind us… so that we can go on with our lives."

Sentencing proceedings will continue at the end of January.