Ebola: Doctor dies in Mali

A doctor who treated the patient that sparked a 2nd wave of Ebola in Mali has died.

A volunteer recieves the ebola vaccination "cAd3-EBO-Z" at the vaccines center in Bamako, Mali, 09 October 2014. Human trials of the Ebola vaccine have started in Africa after being trialed in the USA and Great Britain. Three employees of the health department in Mali were the first people in Africa to receive the vaccine. EPA/ALEX DUVAL SMITH

BAMAKO - A doctor in Mali who treated the patient that sparked a second wave of Ebola in the West African country has died, the government said in a statement on state-owned television on Thursday.

The government said the death of the doctor, whose name was not released, brought the total number of those who have died of Ebola in Mali to five.

Before Thursday's announcement, the World Health Organisation was already reporting five Ebola deaths in Mali, while medical charity, Doctors Without Borders, put the figure at seven.

The doctor worked at the Bamako clinic where Oussa Koita, a 70-year-old imam from Guinea who travelled to Mali last month, was admitted and wrongly diagnosed with kidney problems. He died but had already exposed others to the disease.

The doctor tested positive for Ebola on 12 November.

Doctors Without Borders said later on Thursday that it was evacuating the home of a Spanish member of its staff in Bamako after the worker was pricked by a needle that had been used on a confirmed Ebola patient earlier in the day.

"The member of the team is not showing symptoms of the disease and the repatriation is part of the protocols established by the medical organisation for security and preventive measures," Doctors Without Borders said in a statement.