Jasmin Pretorius case: Suspect's evaluation process to be outlined

The court will hear details as to when and where Sarel du Toit will be taken for mental evaluation.

FILE: Little Jasmin Pretorius's coffin is carried out during her funeral service in Brakpan on 8 January 2013. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The man accused of killing Jasmin Pretorius is expected back in the high court sitting in the Delmas Magistrates Court today to hear when accused Sarel du Toit will be admitted to a psychiatric facility.

The court will also hear details as to when he will be admitted and exactly where he will be taken for evaluation.

Four-year-old Jasmin was reported missing in December last year and was later found dead under a bed in her father's Boksburg flat.

Her uncle, Sarel du Toit, joined community members and family in a frantic search for the little girl, but soon after her body was discovered he was arrested, sparking outrage in the community.

Earlier this week, the judge ruled that he be sent for observation after his defence team claiming that he was having blackouts and could hardly remember the night of the crime.

He is accused of raping and killing his niece, but claims he cannot remember what happened that day.

His family has accused him of lying to the court about his mental condition saying there is nothing wrong with him.

The trial was supposed to start on Monday, but his lawyers brought an application that he could be suffering from a mental condition.

J asmin's parents and grandparents are expected to be in court again.