Grace Mugabe's PhD under scrutiny again

It's been claimed President Mugabe actually marked his wife’s thesis.

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace in Italy in 2011. Picture: EPA.

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Grace Mugabe's academic credentials are in the spotlight again, two months after she graduated under controversial circumstances with a PhD from the University of Zimbabwe.

She was awarded a PhD and her husband, who is chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, has capped her.

Earlier this week, Oppah Muchinguri, the outgoing head of the ZANU-PF Women's League claimed President Robert Mugabe actually marked his wife's thesis, fuelling speculation the degree was not awarded honestly.

Muchinguri's remark was made at a rally at Grace's orphanage earlier this week

She said the first lady had spent sleepless nights studying for her PhD, while the president marked for her.

Observers have been quick to latch onto those words as evidence that the president played a key role in Grace acquiring the degree from Zimbabwe's most prestigious university in record time.

It's not yet clear whether Muchinguri meant that the president edited his wife's work or whether he had more of a key role in determining her academic grades.