#FeelGoodFriday: Angels step up for rhinos

Rhinos are getting an unlikely army of guardian angels thanks to the #RhinoAngels campaign.

Rhinos are getting an unlikely army of guardian angels thanks to the #RhinoAngels campaign. Picture: Beverly Joubert

CAPE TOWN - South Africa's rhinos are getting an army of unlikely guardian angels - toddlers and preschoolers with a passion for saving the beleaguered animals.

With only their voices and a profound, unclouded sense of right and wrong, the impossibly cute ambassadors have been called upon to help in the fight against poaching.

Picture: Beverly Joubert

How, you may ask, can a child possibly hope to make a difference in this conservation battle?

Well it's pretty simple: Parents have been tasked with filming their little ones talking about rhinos and to upload and share the clips on social media with the hashtag #RhinoAngels.

A hundred will be chosen by the Rhinos without Borders project to become mini-ambassadors for the 100 animals which will be moved out of poaching danger zones for their own safety next year.

The giant endeavour, set to take place in early 2015, will see the rhinos resettled in one of the lowest risk zones in the world - Botswana.

One video was sent in by the mother of a little girl called Haley:

"Stop killing the rhinos so I can see them when I'm big," little Haley tells poachers.

The four-year-old is one of the children who have raised their voices for the campaign.

The project is a partnership between Great Plains Conservation, founded by world-renowned filmmakers and conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert, and &Beyond.

"Conservation today has changed. It is no longer a top down/government-takes-care-of-everything style of management. That was the 20th Century method.

It's all comforting proof that we can make a difference in the world, no matter how small we are.

If you have a child under the age of 8 who cares about rhinos and would like to make their voice heard, you can enter them into the Rhino Angels competition http://www.trevolta.com/rhinos/angels

Don't have children but still like to help? Visit http://www.trevolta.com/rhinos