24-metre high SunStar unveiled in CT

The imposing new temporary public art installation on Signal Hill was officially unveiled on Wednesday.

The SunStar sculpture seen before its first official illumination on Signal Hill on 19 November 2014. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - An imposing new temporary public art installation, dubbed the SunStar, has been unveiled in Cape Town.

The 24-metre high metal structure on Signal Hill was officially opened on Wednesday evening.

The eight-point star contains a sphere in the centre, made from 80 sections of Robben Island prison fencing encased by an aluminium frame.

Artist Christopher Swift hopes to highlight an important piece of South Africa's past.

But at the same time he wishes to project a vision for the country's future by ensuring the sculpture is off the grid.

Illuminated by solar-powered LED lights, and supporting flood lights, the SunStar is not only unmissable at night, but highly sustainable.

Swift says thanks to its location, it will not only be accessible to tourists and city residents, but all the wards that make up Cape Town.

With regards to the shape, he says it is something which developed organically.

"I'm not so clear that I found the shape, I think maybe the shape found me. I was definitely looking for an a-political, a-religious shape, something that could be immediately identified and I found it in this eight-pointed star," he says.

The materials and construction were sponsored by hotel group, Sun International.