SA invention contributes to World Toilet Day

Enviro Loo is a solar and wind powered alternative solution to flush toilets.

Enviro Loo offers a much-needed alternative to flush toilets. Picture: Enviro Loo.

JOHANNESBURG - A much-needed alternative to flush toilets has been produced by a South African company, offering a dry toilet system that provides a solution to the sanitation crisis and helps eradicate backlogs.

Enviro Loo MD Lance Joel spoke to Talk Radio 702's John Robbie on Wednesday about the new sanitation solution.

Joel said the product is a South African first with 100,000 installations in 50 countries.

"The reality is, some of us have been exposed to a flush toilet system since we were born and everything outside of a flush toilet system is seen as not normal."

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"In many areas, bulk water infrastructure or bulk sewerage systems will never be built. In some areas, where we have bulk infrastructure in the urban areas, they are overloaded and having difficulty responding to demands. So, where we don't have infrastructure, we need to look at alternatives."

The system works using solar and wind power.

"We use two elements that we have lots of. Firstly, we use the sun and secondly we use wind. It's a process of dehydration that dehydrates the solid matter and evaporates the liquid."

The by-product is a compost-like material that could be disposed of quite safely or simply used as compost.

"Our competitive pricing range is based on the model. Our key target market is government because government has the responsibility of providing sanitation services but we also target the private sector, particularly the mining sector and NGOs."

Joel said they target the rural areas, but explains that based on the challenges we are faced with urban areas also need to be addressed.

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