3 officers suspended for ignoring alleged mob attack

Footage shows two police officers candidly walking past the victim as he is being whipped with a sjambok.

FILE: Delft police station. Picture: EWN.

DELFT - Three law enforcement officers have been suspended following an alleged mob attack on a man in Delft.

The man was assaulted by a group of angry residents last week and the incident was captured on video.

The footage shows a woman whipping the victim with a sjambok.

Two police officers, one eating what appears to be a banana, can also be seen candidly walking past the victim.

Other community members can be heard hurling insults at the man, allegedly accused of being a thief.

Of the footage Eyewitness News has seen, the officers' faces cannot be seen, but only the lower part of their bodies as they walk past the victim.

The City of Cape Town says it's viewed the video footage.

It says while it's not possible at this stage to definitively determine if the three officers were derelict in their duties, it's opted to suspend them while a disciplinary process is ongoing.

An investigation by the city law enforcement unit will try to determine if the man seen being attacked in the video in fact passed away.

The municipality added it views the incident in a very serious light.