Uitsig murders: Residents gather outside court

Six people, including two minors, are accused of the murder of two relatives earlier this month.

FILE: Uitsig community members gathered at spot where Grade 11 pupil was murdered on 10 November 2014. Picture: Giovanna Gerbi/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A group of Uitsig residents has gathered at the Goodwood Magistrates Court in Cape Town where six suspects accused of the murder of two relatives are expected to appear.

Seventeen-year-old Justin Langley was hacked to death earlier this month after he confronted a group of men he'd accused of attacking a relative.

The boy's uncle, Barend Langley, tried to protect him during the assault in the early hours of 9 November but was also attacked.

He later died from his injuries.

Langley's mother said she threw herself on top of her son in a bid to protect him.

She claims a group of about 10 men then started attacking her child in front of her.

She said they used an axe and a homemade claw-like weapon to mutilate the teen.

Uitsig residents are patiently waiting to find out whether the six suspects, including two minors, will be granted bail.

More than 700 residents have signed a petition in protest against the accused being released on bail.

They say there's no place for murderers in their community.

Justin and Barend Langley will be laid to rest in Uitsig on Saturday.