Jasmin Pretorius's family furious with postponement of trial

The trial will stand down for at least 30 days to allow the accused to be sent for metal observation.

FILE: Jasmin Pretorius' father Morné at the Brakpan Magistrates Court on 13 January 2014. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN.

BRAKPAN - The state is now trying to make arrangements for the man accused of killing four-year-old Jasmin Pretorius to be sent for psychiatric observation.

Jasmin's family says they're upset about the latest developments.

They say the man accused of killing their daughter is lying about this metal state.

Sarel du Toit appeared briefly in the High Court in Delmas yesterday.

He is facing charges for the rape and murder of his niece.

Next month, it will be a year since the little girl was reported missing and later found dead under a bed in her father's Brakpan flat.

Du Toit's friend of five years was the only one who came to support him.

His family and former boyfriend sat on opposite sides of the public gallery

Jasmin's mother Sasha Lee Bam ignored the accused, but the little girl's grandfather Colin Bam asked if he was cold in the dock and needed a jersey.

Du Toit sat quietly looking down with his eyes closed as his lawyer convinced the court that he could be suffering from a mental condition and would need mental evaluation.

However his family and former boyfriend told the state prosecutor there is nothing wrong with his state of mind, but his lawyer insisted that he might not be able to follow proceedings in court or be able to give instructions.

He argued that the accused suffers from black outs and struggles to remember certain parts of the day his niece was killed.

He will be observed for 30 days after which a report will be submitted to the judge.

This could delay the trial proceedings even further as there is a long waiting list at local psychiatric facilities.

The trial has been postponed until Thursday when the court is expected to hear when a bed will be available at a facility.