SA goes 'brrrrr' in the summer...

A cold front which has hit the Western Cape is expected to affect the rest of the country this weekend.

FILE: A woman walks through heavy rains. Picture:AFP

JOHANNESBURG - As Capetonians brace themselves for a cold front this weekend, residents of Gauteng are also being warned to wrap up warmly.

The South African Weather Service said the cold front is expected to hit the Peninsula today bringing with it rain and thundershowers in Johannesburg.

Forecaster Jan Vermulen said minimum temperatures of 12 degrees can be expected in some parts of the Western Cape.

"The cold front will bring cooler weather for Johannesburg and there will also be thundershowers."

The cold weather system is expected to move over to the Eastern Cape by Saturday.

In the interior of the country, thunderstorms are expected to last throughout the weekend.

Meanwhile, people took to social media platform Twitter to express their amazement with the odd weather during this time of the year:

South Africa's weather is officially drunk. Snow reports and a cold front for the WC? It's like November! Like it's almost autumn again!!

Cold front, mid summer :0

At this rate South Africa will have it's first white #christmas one of these days

Oh wow! Just looked up to see the cold front has hit us and suddenly it's chucking it down!

#CapeTown #Spring