'SA heading towards a Constitutional crisis over Nkandla'

Opposition parties say Jacob Zuma violated the Constitution and must step down.

FILE: Opposition parties say Jacob Zuma violated the Constitution and must step down. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Opposition parties have launched a blistering attack on the Parliamentary committee that absolved President Jacob Zuma over the Nkandla scandal and are calling for him to be removed from office.

The Nkandla ad-hoc committee officially absolved the president of any wrongdoing in relation to the massive overspending during upgrades to his private home.

In March, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released her Nkandla report and found that Zuma and his family unduly benefitted from the upgrades at his KwaZulu-Natal home.

Madonsela ordered that the president pay back a portion of the money used for the upgrades at his home.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters, Freedom Front Plus (FFP), United Democratic Movement, Congress of the People, African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) and Agang yesterday presented their own report, as a counter to that of the Nkandla ad-hoc committee, which laid the blame on rogue officials, Zuma's architect and a failure of ministerial oversight.

In the opposition parties report, they find the president knew full well what was being done at Nkandla and benefitted from the lavish upgrades.

FFP chief whip Corne Mulder says the African National Congress (ANC) are on the back foot trying to persuade South Africans of Zuma's innocence.

"What the ANC is trying to do is they are trying to mark toothpaste with a garlic flavour, which is difficult."

Yesterday, opposition parties said Zuma is hiding behind a parliamentary process stacked with his own cheerleaders to get him off the hook.


Opposition parties are warning South Africa is steering towards a Constitutional crisis over the Nkandla scandal.

Mulder said, "It's an unacceptable Constitutional crisis that the country is being forced into by a situation where the ruling party that has an attitude that the king can do no wrong."

Leaders of seven parties say Zuma violated the Constitution and must go. They say the Nkandla committee's report is a political cover-up.

ACDP leader the rev Kenneth Meshoe said, "We are here to ensure the public knows that nobody is above the law, including Zuma."

The ANC in Parliament says the opposition parties' counter report on Nkandla is a DA-sponsored propaganda brochure.