Angry MPs chant that Baleka Mbete 'must go'

There have been several angry exchanges between Speaker Baleka Mbete and the opposition.

Angry MPS chanted ‘You must go’ to Speaker Baleka Mbete in Parliament this afternoon. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - There have been several angry exchanges in the National Assembly this afternoon between Speaker Baleka Mbete and the opposition with Members of Parliament (MPs) shouting "you must go"

Mbete began by setting timeframes for issues to be debated in the house this afternoon including the ad-hoc committee's report on Nkandla.

"I rule that notices of motion and motions without notices be limited to 45 minutes."

But opposition parties would have none of it, repeatedly chanting, "You must go! You must go!"

Parties demanded that sufficient time be given to discussing items on the agenda.

They demanded to be heard and pandemonium broke out.

The Democratic Alliance's John Steenhuisen challenged Mbete to step down.

"You have lost control of the house for the second time madam speaker. You are pushing us to a constitutional crisis and would ask that in the interests of this institution, you step down from the chair so we can proceed with the business interests of the day."

#Nkandla The DA's Mmusi Maimane says time is not a concern - MPs will work late into the night if need be.

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Economic Freedom Fighters MP Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala, tried to address the house but was told to sit down

"You should actually not be standing because I have not recognised you," said Mbete.

The DA's Dianne Kohler Barnard told Mbete, "The house once again in disorder because you decided to change everything agreed to earlier."

After much protest, the ANC's Stone Sizani said if anyone was not happy with rules, they can approach rules committee.

The National Assembly is supposed to debate the Nkandla ad hoc committee report later, the public gallery is packed with African National Congress supporters.

Chaos erupted after the DA challenged Mbete's decision to change the programme.

Opposition MPs stood and shouted as Mbete failed to keep control.

There were shouts of abuse of power as Mbete repeatedly failed to recognise members of the EFF clamouring for her attention.

Mbete was asked to surrender the chair to allow for order to be restored, but has remained in place.