Eskom: Wet weather affecting power supply

Eskom says power supply is tight and the wet weather is adding extra pressure on the system.

Eskom's Megawatt Park offices in Sunninghill. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - As the weather service warns of flash floods in Gauteng, Eskom says power supply is very tight today and consumers have been asked to use electricity sparingly.

While there are no warnings of load shedding, Eskom says it has already had to activate its gas turbine to supplement the high demand.

The utility's Andrew Etzinger says they're expecting the power grid to still be in the same shape.

"We're expecting the grid will be much the same shape as yesterday. We've been running our gas turbine plant this morning and it's not a good thing because it's costing us a lot of money."

At the same time, Eskom says while it has not started implementing its load shedding schedule, it will revise this warning if the current increased demand surpasses its capability to generate electricity.

Etzinger says the situation is expected to last for the next two days.

"We're expecting the situation to last both today and tomorrow. So there are no immediate warnings of load shedding, but if we do pick up technical problems, particularly with the bad weather associated with high demand, then we need to reconsider that position."