CWU lashes out at govt

The union says Post Office workers won't return to work because they've received dismissal letters.

FILE: Post Office Workers have staged a stay-away for four months. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has lashed out at government, saying its members at the South African Post Office (Sapo) will not return to work because they've received dismissal letters.

The union says workers still have grievances that need attention.

Sapo workers, who have staged a stay-away for four months, were today told by Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services to return to work immediately.

But the CWU'S Clyde Mervin says government is contradicting itself.

"Parliament isn't aware that workers are dismissed and how do you call workers back when they have grievances?"

The union says the letters of dismissal were issued last Friday.

Workers are demanding an 8 percent pay hike but Sapo as since rejected this.

The CWU and the parastatal's leadership met yesterday but Mervin says they walked out because they weren't being heard.

"We can't engage with corrupt management who created this mess and we won't be part of the meeting because they aren't prepared to discuss the content of the dismissal."

Last week, the Sapo board resigned voluntarily.

Telecommunications and Postal Services Minister Siyabong Cwele said his department would step in to stabilise the state entity.

He said the problems at the Post Office did not start with the board and have been brewing for several years.

The department has appointed Simo Lushaba to take the helm in the meantime.