Negotiations begin in Post Office strike

The union and post office will start talks that will hopefully bring an end to the four month long strike.

FILE: Production has come to a stand still at the Post Office following a four month long strike. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - Talks aimed at resolving the four month long South African Post Office (Sapo) strike are expected to begin today.

The Communication Workers Union (CMU) is due meet with management at the Post Office.

Striking workers are demanding a 7.5 percent pay hike, down from an initial 15 percent demand.

Sapo has rejected the latest demand insisting it can't afford the hike.

The CMU has welcomed the resignation of the Post Office board last week as a step in the right direction towards resolving the crippling strike.

The union's Clyde Mervin says the dismissal of striking workers on Friday will be first on the agenda.

"We must first deal with those dismissal letters. That will be the first point of the meeting."

Mervin has also called on Minister of Telecommunications & Postal Services, Siyabonga Cwele, to urgently appoint a new Sapo board.

"We want a board which is trustworthy, a board with integrity, that's what we want as the CMU."

Former Rand Water Chief Executive Officer Dr Simo Lushaba has been appointed to take charge of the organisation in the interim.