Dewani trial: Tongo labels Shrien's version as 'lies'

State witness Zola Tongo has dismissed Dewani’s version of events as ‘lies’, ‘double lies’ and ‘nonsense’.

Zola Tongo (C) covers his face as he lead up from the holding cells to attend a session at the Cape Town High Court, Cape Town, South 07 December 2010. EPA/NIC BOTHMA

CAPE TOWN - Key state witness in the Shrien Dewani murder trial, Zola Tongo, has dismissed the British businessman's version of what happened to his wife, Anni Hindocha Dewani, as nothing but lies.

Tongo spent seven days on the witness stand in the Western Cape High Court.

He claims Dewani hired him to recruit hit men to kill Anni during the couple's honeymoon in Cape Town four years ago.

Dewani's lawyer Francois Van Zyl wrapped up his cross-examination of Tongo on Wednesday by putting his client's version of events to the witness one last time.

Tongo repeatedly responded with the words 'lies', 'double lies' and 'nonsense' whenever asked to comment.

Tongo also denies telling an inmate he decided to pin the murder on Dewani for a lesser sentence.

While being escorted out of court by two correctional services officers, Tongo reportedly made eye contact with a policeman, pointed at Dewani and then made a fist.

Police Captain Vinesh Lutchman is the state's next witness.

Anni was shot dead in an alleged staged hijacking in Gugulethu in November 2010.