Suicide bomber kills 32 in Nigeria

A suicide bomber killed 32 people in a Muslim religious procession in northeast Nigeria.

FILE: Nigerians survey the scene of a bomb blast on 23 July 2014. Picture:EPA

PRETORIA - Nigeria is on high alert after a suicide bomber killed 32 people in a Muslim religious procession in northeast Nigeria.

In a separate development, gunmen attacked a prison in the central Kogi state and freed 145 inmates.

One inmate died during the prison break.

Authorities won't identify suspects, but the area is regularly attacked by terror group, Boko Haram.

After the suicide bomb in Potiskum, Muslim Brotherhood members detained two suspects and refused to hand them over to the military.

The crowd began beating these suspects with fists and wooden clubs.

Soldiers fired shots into the air and a stray bullet killed a Muslim Brotherhood member.

One suspect turned out to be a policeman, and the crowd finally handed both the men over to authorities.

About 120 people were injured during the bombing.

Mohammed Gana, whose brother was killed in the attack, said he counted 23 bodies at the scene.

Another Potiskum resident, Abubakar Saliu, said soldiers started shooting immediately after the explosion, but it was not clear who they fired at or if anyone was hit by the gunfire.

Ashoura marks the death in battle more than 1,300 years ago of the Prophet Mohammad's grandson, Hussein.

Boko Haram's five-year-old campaign for an Islamic state, which has killed thousands, is seen as the main security threat to Nigeria, Africa's biggest economy and leading oil producer.

Twenty-six of the Lokoja prison inmates freed in the Kogi raid had been recaptured.

There was no indication if any of the escapees were Boko Haram members.

Additional information from Reuters