Dewani trial: Grilling of state witness continues

Inconsistencies in Zola Tongo’s version have emerged over the last few days of cross-examination.

FILE: Zola Tongo covers his head as he prepares to face murder charges in the Cape High Court. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A state witness in the Shrien Dewani murder trial insists all the details he gave to police regarding the murder of the Briton's wife are true.

Zola Tongo, who's regarded as the prosecution's key witness, is continuing giving testimony in the Western Cape High Court today.

Dewani is accused of masterminding a plot to kill his wife in 2010 in the Mother City.

As defence counsel Francious van Zyl resumed his attack on Tongo's evidence, the former taxi driver has been unwavering and insistent that he can't remember exact details of the alleged plot to kill Anni Dewani.

Van Zyl repeatedly probed him on his plea affidavit.

At one stage the lawyer asked him to explain why he deviated so drastically in his evidence from the contents of that document.

Tongo simply answered "Everything I've said is true."

During proceedings Dewani passed notes to a relative. He seems at times perplexed by some of the evidence.

Meanwhile, local journalists continue to flock to court to cover the case, but it appears international media interest has weighed down since the start of the trial.

The public gallery was also not as packed as it has been on previous days.