Another day of power cuts & traffic woes in Gauteng

Widespread power outages come on the back of a day of load shedding at the weekend.

FILE: Power lines running to a coal power station near Johannesburg. Picture: EPA.

JOHANNESBURG - As unexpected power outages continue in parts of Gauteng and with more rain expected this evening, heavy traffic is expected once again this afternoon with many traffic lights out of order.

Widespread blackouts in Johannesburg and Pretoria which started yesterday were caused by local faults which the municipalities have been dealing with.

The widespread power outages come on the back of a day of load shedding at the weekend and amid warnings from Eskom that the country's power grid is still vulnerable after a coal silo collapse at the Majuba Power Station in Mpumalanga.

Video: The moments before the Majuba silo collapse.

The utility says it's hoping the crisis will be resolved soon.


The silo collapse means that coal at Majuba is not being transported to fire up the massive generators which produce electricity.

The station is the newest and biggest in Eskom's fleet and caters for 10 percent of the country's households and businesses.

But the utility's Andrew Etzinger told Eyewitness News that they have found alternative means to make sure the station receives coal, with power supplies already increasing.

"The teams on site are making good progress in the alternative arrangements to get coal at the station. Two of the six generators are back in service."

However, as Eskom races to increase supply, thousands of students are worried about their final results as studying has become a challenge in the evening.

"We had just come back from school and had to use candles and I've lost so much study time," one student said.

Another student said she was forced to either study in the passage of her apartment or use candles.

The wet weather and power failures have also lead to numerous traffic light problems and Johannesburg Metro Police's Edna Mamonyane has pleaded with motorists to be patient.

"We appeal to motorists to please be patient."


City Power has confirmed that supply has been restored to all areas affected by the outage at the Prospect Substation.

The substation in City Deep crashed twice causing frustration among motorists yesterday and this morning.

City Power's Sol Masolo says the problems have been sorted out.

"The lights in the affected areas have been switched back on."

Meanwhile, in Tshwane the Heuweloord and The Reeds areas are still without power due to the theft of two feeder cables between the Brakfontein Substation to Heuweloord Substation.

The city's Lindela Mashigo says the situation is unlikely to change before midnight.

"The city's technicians are working hard to restore power and we anticipate it to be restored at midnight."

The wet weather is set to continue this week.