Dewani trial: Van Zyl presses Tongo for finer details

Former taxi driver Zola Tongo is back on the witness stand for a fourth day.

Defence lawyer Francois Van Zyl leaving the Western Cape High Court after Shrien Dewani's murder trial on 30 October 2014. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The state's key witness in the honeymoon murder trial has testified he doesn't recall ever contacting Shrien Dewani to be paid after he arranged that his wife be murdered.

Zola Tongo is back on the witness stand today giving evidence relating to his part in the murder of British bride, Anni Hindocha Dewani.

He started giving evidence last week.

Dewani's lawyer Francois Van Zyl has tried to pry as much information from Tongo as he can regarding the exact details of the alleged plan to kill Anni.

"When did you agree to the sum of R5,000?" he asked the former taxi driver.

Tongo emphasised he couldn't remember exactly, but it was the Friday before she was shot dead.

Van Zyl kept pushing him for details, appearing incredulous as he inquired, "Why didn't you get in touch with him to find out exactly when you'd be paid."

Tongo seemed vague.

Judge Jeanette Traverso at one stage intervened, asking him to break it up into pieces.

She wanted to know exact amounts and the location where the other two killers would be paid.

Tongo eventually answered Dewani was to leave the money in his taxi's cubbyhole.

Van Zyl has also questioned why Tongo would risk damaging or losing his own car in an alleged staged hijacking for just R5,000 - much less than what he earned as a driver during a bumper month.

Tongo earned between R30,000 and R40,000 a month as a taxi driver when business was good.

But for just R5,000 he recruited hit men to kill a woman at Dewani's behest and used his taxi to carry out the plot.

Van Zyl asked Tongo whether he was not concerned about his car, a vehicle he used to earn a living.

He pressed the former taxi driver to explain whether he had arranged with the hit men to lock the car or take the keys after abandoning it in a township where it could be stolen.

Tongo responded he didn't think of it at the time, reiterating that he'd been a fool for getting involved in the conspiracy.

Anni Dewani was killed in an apparent staged hijacking in Cape Town in November 2010.

Her husband was extradited to South Africa earlier this year to stand trial for his part in her murder.

It's alleged he's the mastermind behind her death.

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