Burkina Faso: Transitional government to be installed

The military will install a transitional body after President Blaise Compaoré's exit.

People stand in front of smoke rising from the Burkina Faso's Parliament, where demonstrators set fire to cars parked in a courtyard of the Parliament, on October 30, 2014. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Burkina Faso's military has undertaken to install a transitional government, days after the fall of President Blaise Compaoré.

The military has responded to international and continental demand, backed by mass domestic protests for a civilian-led democratic transformation.

At least one demonstrator was killed when soldiers fires shots at the television station and barricaded the capital's main square on Sunday.

Thousands of protestors were demanding the military give up power, following the departure of Compaoré after days of protests about his plan to extend his 27-year rule beyond elections, scheduled for 2015.

The protestors gathered in the capital Ouagadougou on Sunday, demonstrating against the army, naming Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida as the leader of a transitional government.

The African Union (AU), United States (US) and European Union (EU) all called for an immediate restoration of that civilian authority.

The military responded, saying it will install a transitional body, with all the components to be adopted by a broad consensus.