'Shrien Dewani engineered the plan to kill his wife'

Zola Tongo testified he was offered R5,000 by Dewani to organise Anni's murder.

Members of Shrien Dewani's legal team leaving the Western Cape High Court on 30 October 2014. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - CCTV footage was used by both the prosecution and the defence in the Dewani murder trial to tell two very different versions of events which led to Anni Hindocha Dewani's murder.

Surveillance footage from a Waterfront Hotel and a restaurant in Strand were used to piece together the truth about what happened to her while on honeymoon in Cape Town 2010.

Her husband, Shrien Dewani, is on trial for allegedly hiring hit men to kill her during a staged hijacking.

Surveillance camera footage was used by both legal teams to bolster their cases.

Earlier in the trial, the prosecution used CCTV footage from the Cape Grace Hotel to show Dewani's demeanor during a conversation he had with his alleged co-conspirator Zola Tongo, the morning after his wife was killed.

On Thursday, Dewani's lawyer Francois Van Zyl showed three video clips, captured at the same hotel, a day earlier to try to discredit Tongo's testimony.

Tongo testified he had arranged to take Dewani to exchange dollars in order to pay the hitmen in Rands.

But Van Zyl showed CCTV footage suggesting Dewani had forgotten about the meeting, which the defence says was merely to exchange his Pounds at a good rate.

Dewani apparently had a panic attack when photographers surrounded his transport outside court.


Tongo, a key state witness claims it was the British Businessman's idea to make the alleged hit on his wife to appear to be a hijacking.

Tongo gave evidence in the Western Cape High Court this week on the alleged plot to have Anni murdered.

He has testified he was offered R5,000 by Dewani to organise the contract killing.

Tongo claims Dewani approached him about the plot to kill his wife and when the former taxi driver asked what he meant by this, Dewani allegedly said that he wanted someone killed.

He says two men were hired to do the job for R15,000.

He claims Dewani hired him to recruit hitmen to kill a woman who he later realised was the British businessman's wife.

Dewani denies ordering a hit on Anni during their honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010.

Tongo claims Dewani called him several hours before the hit to remind him he had to exchange dollars to Rands at around midday to later pay the hitmen.

But hotel CCTV footage shows Dewani and his wife leisurely leaving their hotel room for a late breakfast that same morning shortly after 11am.

In his plea explanation, Dewani said he had asked Tongo to arrange a surprise helicopter trip for his wife.

The British businessman doesn't deny exchanging money, but his lawyer explained Dewani had pounds and not dollars on him as Tongo alleges.

Van Zyl also poured cold water on Tongo's claim that the pair discussed certain details about the hit while in a parked car outside the hotel, because footage shows Dewani immediately exiting the vehicle on arrival at the hotel.