Golding's wife follows suit with resignation from eTV

EWN has in its possession an email from Bronwyn Keene-Young to staff in which she slams eTV's chairperson.

Marcel Golding. Picture:Gallo Images/Financial Mail/Jeremy Glyn.

CAPE TOWN - Hot on the heels of eTV boss Marcel Golding's resignation, his wife and eTV chief operating officer Bronwyn Keene-Young has now handed in her resignation.

Eyewitness News has in its possession an email from Keene-Young to staff in which she slams eTV chairperson John Copelyn for what she calls the sickeningly defamatory letter he sent to employees.

At the same time, eTV's holding company Hosken Consolidated Investments (HCI) has issued a statement following Golding's resignation.

Golding, who was a director of the free-to-air broadcaster, was suspended after buying R24 million in shares from electronics company Ellies, apparently without board approval.

His Labour Court bid to stop his suspension and a disciplinary hearing failed on Monday.

He subsequently resigned.

In papers before the Labour Court however, Golding claims the move is part of efforts to oust him amid growing editorial interference.

In a four page document, eTV's holding company refers to Golding's share transaction as a serious blunder.

HCI maintains this was done without board approval and that the shares were paid for through a private arrangement Golding made with a broker.

The shares were also not registered in HCI's name.

Earlier this week, Golding informed eTV staff that he's been forced to resign due to a breakdown in relations between himself and HCI board members.

He has indicated he plans to pursue a claim of unfair dismissal.