Who knew Daniel Radcliffe was a magical rapper?

The child actor, famous for his role as Harry Potter, also happens to be quite the rap fan.

Daniel Radcliffe rapping on Jimmy Fallon. Picture: Youtube.

JOHANNESBURG - Daniel Radcliffe, the child actor who gained his acting fame by playing JK Rowling's book series hero Harry Potter, also happens to be quite the rap fan.

He confessed to_ The Tonight Show _host Jimmy Fallon to being an avid enthusiast of trying to memorise complicated and intricate rhymes.

Fallon was quick to jump on the opportunity to challenge Radcliffe to try and perform one of the most complicated and intricate rap songs he knows: Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics.

Without hesitation, Radcliffe accepted the challenge and successfully performed one of rap music's most lyrically complicated songs.

If only Harry could have used this rap as a quip to Professor McGonagall's "Bumbling, babbling band of baboons"

But this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering Radcliffe can also recite the entire periodic table.