Guy Scott announced Zambia’s acting president

Michael Sata died on Tuesday at a London hospital from an undisclosed illness.

FILE: Guy Scott (L) and his spouse Charlotte Scott (R) arrive at the North Portico of the White House, in Washington DC, USA, 5 August 2014. Picture: EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS.

ZAMBIA - The Zambian government has appointed Guy Scott as acting president following the death of Michael Sata overnight.

The cause of death was not immediately disclosed, but Sata had been ill for some time.

He was being treated at London's King Edward VII hospital when he died, the website Zambian Watchdog reported. He was 77.

Zambia's Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu announced earlier that Scott will take charge of the country until new presidential elections are held within 90 days.

Lungu confirmed Scott as his successor in the appointment of Africa's first white leader since South Africa's FW de Klerk in 1994.