Diepsloot killer gets 9 life sentences

Ntokozo Hadebe received 9 life sentences plus an additional 15 years behind bars.

FILE: Mourners gather around the tiny coffins of Yonelisa and Zandile Mali on 19 October 2013 after they were found raped and murdered in Diepsloot. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The man convicted for the kidnapping, rape and murders of three young girls in Diepsloot has been handed nine life sentences plus an additional 15 years behind bars.

Ntokozo Hadebe will be spending an effective 240 years behind bars after Judge Nico Coetzee handed down the sentence in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

Coetzee said the accused acted like an animal when committing the crime, was completely aware of his actions and showed no remorse throughout the trial.

He added the trauma of all the victim's families also had to be taken into consideration for sentencing.

When Radebe was taken down to his cell, he began swearing and showing hand gestures to Coetzee.

Meanwhile outside the court, Diepsloot community members sang and danced in celebration of the killer's sentencing.

The grandmother of Anelisa Mkhonto also told reporters she's extremely happy with Coetzee's ruling.


The court on Tuesday found Hadebe guilty on 12 charges including kidnapping, murder and rape, following the 2013 crimes.

Hadebe raped and killed Mkhonto, two-year-old Yonelisa Mali and her cousin, three-year-old Zandilethe in 2013.

The crimes provoked shock and anger among the Diepsloot community and across the country.

The court found he kidnapped the girls, took them to his shack where he raped and killed them before dumping their bodies.

In his verdict yesterday, Judge Coetzee rejected Hadebe's testimony completely, saying his claims that police had tortured him into confessing were improbable as he had no visible injuries.

He also concluded Radebe showed no remorse and wasted the court's time by pretending to suffer from memory loss and mental instability during sentencing argument

The National Presecuting Authority's Nathi Mncube has welcomed the ruling.

"We had charged Mr Hadebe with serious offences and we are satisfied with the fact that we were able have him convicted on all charges."