Man 'humiliated' during Canal Walk stop & search

A CT man believes he was racially profiled as he was searched like a criminal at Canal Walk.

Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A Cape Town man believes he was racially profiled, as he was searched like a criminal at a shopping mall.

Kanyiso Majola has told Eyewitness News he was shopping with a group of friends on Sunday when they were ordered to lie on the ground in a parking lot at Canal Walk while they were searched.

Being black, parking near the mall's entrance in a flashy car and wearing peak caps apparently contributed to the stop and search, so says Majola.

He has told Eyewitness News he's never experienced the level of humiliation that he and his friends were subjected to.

Majola says the security officials provided irrational and weak reasons for ordering them to lie on the ground.

"They could have searched us like they do at the airport. They could have searched us and walked aside and asked us to open the boot. It could have been done in a less confrontational manner."

Canal Walk's centre management says consumers enter private property when they visit the mall, adding that staff will continue checking suspicious looking people.


The V&A Waterfront will not implement random firearm checks, amid increased fears over mall security.

However, management at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre have pushed ahead with beefed up security measures, which include stop and searches, to combat mall robberies.

Canal Walk has been robbed a number of times in recent weeks.

The V&A Waterfront says it's invested extensively in security and will continue to upgrade safety measures on the three hundred acre premises.

But those measures will not include stop and searches.

The shopping mall has over 1,000 high definition CCTV cameras.

It also has over 100 security guards at any given moment.

Canal Walk however says it will exercise its right to search shoppers at its premises.

Legal gun owners will also not be allowed to carry their firearms into the mall.

Some licensed firearm owners have vowed to boycott the mall.