Ebola: U.S orders mandatory quarantine

Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie want those who enter the U.S from West Africa to be quarantined.

FILE: A Sierra Leone Red Cross burial team at Jobo Farm in Waterloo outside Freetown disinfects after recovering the bodies of those believed to have died of Ebola. Picture: EPA.

NEW YORK - The governors of New York and New Jersey have ordered a mandatory quarantine for all medical workers arriving into the United States from countries affected by Ebola in West Africa.

The move comes after a physician who had been working for Doctors Without Borders in Guinea, returned to the U.S a week ago and tested positive for the deadly virus.

Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie are ordering all people entering the U.S through JFK and New York airports who had direct contact with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to be quarantined for 21 days.

Cuomo says a voluntary quarantine is not enough because this is considered to be too serious a public health situation.

The rapid escalation of screening measures comes after officials have gone to great lengths to ease public anxiety over the spread of the virus in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Mali has reported its first case of the deadly virus.

Mali government says a two-year-old toddler has been diagnosed with the haemorrhagic fever.