Almost 900 rhino poached in SA

The Department of Environmental Affairs says 282 people have been arrested for rhino poaching.

Black Rhinos, Kenya. Picture: Wikimedia Commons.

JOHANNESBURG - The Department of Environmental Affairs says nearly 900 rhino have been poached throughout the country since the beginning of the year and 282 people have been arrested.

The most significant of these arrests has been that of Dawie Groenewald, an alleged kingpin in the illegal rhino horn trade who faces nearly 2,000 charges in the High Court in Pretoria.

Groenewald is currently out on bail of R1 million and this week US authorities also issued an indictment against him and his brother Janneman.

The department's Albie Modise says the Kruger National Park has recorded the highest number of poaching incidents since the beginning of the year.

"The Kruger National Park continues to bear the brunt of the poaching with 581 rhino having been killed there of the 899 that have been killed nationwide. The arrest at the park are higher than anywhere else."