Hospital denies prematurely discharging woman who died

Surietta Voster was found dead a day after allegedly being discharged prematurely.

FILE: A hospital bed at a government hospital. Picture: EWN.

PRETORIA - Management at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital has denied discharging a woman who died at home within 24 hours, because it needed to free up beds at the facility, saying the patient insisted on going home.

Surietta Voster was found dead on the floor of her parents' bathroom on Thursday morning.

She was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Voster she was admitted to the facility a month ago, where she had a kidney removed, but suffered from an infection and complications since the procedure.

Steve Biko Academic Hospital Chief Executive Ernest Kenoshi says Voster was discharged, mainly because she insisted on going home.

He says a Doctor Evans did however realise in the afternoon that Voster was not as well as she was in the morning, but made arrangements for her to return today.

However, Voster's cousin Hennie Horn paints a very different picture, saying that Evans had fought to keep his patient in hospital.

"The doctor specifically said he is not happy releasing her and they overrode him and just said she has to go. Find out who didn't support Doctor Evans."

Horn says a case of culpable homicide for medical negligence has been opened with the police.