Wynberg: Eviction notices issued for new MyCiTi bus route

The city maintains residents were aware of the lease, but residents disagree.

FILE: My Citi bus in Cape Town CBD.

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town says it's given a group of Plumstead and Wynberg residents sufficient time to find alternative accommodation to make way for a MyCiTi bus route.

About 35 residents are angry and claiming they were never consulted after being asked to vacate their homes.

The land is owned by the city council.

The municipality says the lease agreement clearly stipulates the land will be used for transport purposes.

The city's Brett Heron says residents have always been aware.

"In terms of their lease agreement with the city, they were always aware that at some stage those properties would be demolished and their lease would be terminated."

But a resident who lives and works in the area says they were caught off guard when they received eviction notices.

"When we enquired about it, people said this road has been coming on for a long long time, but we didn't even know if this would ever materialise. There was mention made in the lease agreement of the possibility, but they didn't say this is a final thing."