Anti-crime collaborative to combat mall robberies

Gauteng police have formed an anti-crime collaborative to address mall robberies.

FILE: Police and paramedics on the scene, after attempted robbery at Cresta Mall on 13 August 2014. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng police have formed an anti-crime collaborative which is working with retailers to address the recent spate of mall robberies.

Consumer organisations and security companies have also been brought on board the project.

Officials hope the outcome of solutions form this project will put shoppers at ease as the festive season approaches.

Authorities say they're confident that shopping centre security initiatives will also help them apprehend perpetrators of mall robberies who've hit malls in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

The anti-crime collaborative includes the Consumer Goods Council (CGC), the South African Council of Shopping Centres and Business Against Crime South Africa.

The main aim of the project is expected to find decisive safety measure for mall management and store owners.

Doctor Graham Wright of the CGC says the forum will collect details from reported mall robberies to identify trends and find effective solutions.

"The main emphasis is sharing information from which one can extract trends and improve our crime prevention measures."

Officials say partnerships of this kind will help them find intelligent solutions to the existing crises.