Suspected copper syndicate boss due in court

Neil Davies was arrested after trying to bribe police when caught with stolen copper cables.

Stolen copper cables recovered at a scrap metal dealer in Roodepoort. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - After spending almost a week behind bars, a Johannesburg man who was arrested in connection with copper cable theft will apply for bail in the Roodepoort Magistrates Court today.

Neil Davies, who works in the metal industry, was arrested along with four others at a scrap metal yard on the West Rand on Friday after he was caught with stolen copper cables.

It's understood these cables may have been the same ones stolen in the area last month, which resulted in a major water shortage in Gauteng.

He allegedly tried to bribe police officers with R30,000 last week when they caught him with a substantial hoard of stolen copper cables.

The officers didn't accept the bribe and arrested him, along with four others, at a scrap metal yard.

It's understood Davies has other pending cases against him, lives in a multi-million rand house in Johannesburg and may be part of, or head of, a copper cable syndicate.

Authorities say they don't know for sure where the cable he was found with comes from but some sources are adamant it's the same metal used to power pump stations and resulted in water cuts in the province last month.