Dewani trial: Police ballistics expert challenged

The defence has labelled the state witness as being objective questioning the accuracy of the re-enactments.

Ballistics expert Pieter Engelbrecht makes his way from the Western Cape High Court after testifying in the Honeymoon Trial.

CAPE TOWN - The Defence in the honeymoon murder trial has challenged the accuracy of a police ballistics expert's findings about how Anni Dewani was shot.

The official has been accused of not being an objective witness.

Dewani's husband Shrien is accused of ordering a hit on her during their honeymoon in Cape Town in 2010.

It's alleged he hired hit three men to stage a hijacking.

State witness and police ballistics expert Pieter Engelbrecht was forced to make several concessions on the stand under cross-examination.

He was tasked with determining the trajectory of the bullet that struck Anni, and with the help of two other people, three scenarios were re-enacted and filmed.

But the test vehicle used in the re-enactments did not precisely resemble the original hijacked VW Sharan, an issue the defence argued would affect the findings.

According to the prosecution, convicted triggerman, Xolile Mngeni shot Anni from the front passenger seat.

But this version is being disputed by the defence.

The trial will resume on Monday with Engelbrecht still on the stand.