'EFF broke rules of Parliament'

A Parliamentary official testified that the EFF broke the laws of the National Assembly.

The EFF in Parliament

CAPE TOWN - Democratic Alliance Chief Whip, John Steenhuysen says he wasn't aware police were going to be called to eject Economic Freedom Fighters Members of Parliament (MPs) from the National Assembly when they heckled President Jacob Zuma.

Last night Steenhuysen was testifying before a Parliamentary disciplinary hearing investigating the 20 Parliamentarians conduct in August when they disrupted a sitting of the National Assembly.

Steenhuysen says the events on that day were unprecedented and he has never experienced anything like it.

He was one of the last witnesses called to testify in the hearing.

He told the committee the rules of Parliament were clearly broken by the 20 EFF members.

Steenhuysen says he heard security would be called to bring the unruly members in line but says he was unaware police would also show up.

The committee reconvenes next Tuesday.