Police deployed to monitor Post Office building

It’s understood at least a 100 people pelted stones at the Krugersdorp sorting centre.

FILE: Post office workers have been on strike for more than three months. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police are closely monitoring the situation at the Post Office sorting centre in Krugersdorp after it was vandalised by striking workers.

It's understood at least a 100 people pelted stones at the centre and vehicles in the car park.

Three people sustained minor injuries after being assaulted.

Workers have been on strike for the past three months now, demanding immediate permanent employment for casual workers and a 15% pay hike.

The ongoing strike has been marred by violent protests and acts of intimidation against non-striking workers.

The police's Appel Ernst says police have been deployed to guard the area after protesters caused havoc.

Meanwhile, Post office management and representatives of striking workers are currently locked in talks aimed at ending the work stoppage.

The Communications Workers Union says employers have now tabled a new offer.