Dewani's 'strange behaviour' scrutinised in court

The defence team tried to cast doubt on testimony that Dewani was emotionless after Anni's death.

Murder accused Shrien Dewani.

CAPE TOWN - Shrien Dewani's lawyer has moved to explain what's been described as his client's "strange" behaviour after his wife was gunned down on honeymoon, by saying his actions were the result of him being a perfectionist.

His lawyer was trying to cast doubt on testimony that Dewani was more focused on planning her funeral instead of grieving.

Dewani is accused of ordering a hit on his wife, Anni during their holiday in Cape Town in November 2010.

His lawyer Francois Van Zyl told the Western Cape High Court yesterday that his client is a perfectionist who focused on making sure everything was just right ahead of his wife's funeral.

Van Zyl was trying to explain his client's behaviour, after state witness Sneha Mashru testified that Dewani was focused on planning his wife's funeral instead of grieving.

Mashru, Anni's cousin, stayed at Dewani's Bristol home after he returned from honeymoon and testified that she felt uncomfortable there because he acted in a cold and controlling way.

Dewani's appearance and demeanor was also scrutinised when Sergeant Cornelius Mellet took the stand.

He said when he saw Dewani after the hijacking, Dewani didn't look like someone who had been in an attack with a struggle, because he was neatly dressed and clean.

Today, the state is expected to call an expert witness to the stand.