Cosatu on knife's edge with Numsa issue

EWN understands it could decide today to only discuss its problems with Numsa, at another special meeting.

FILE: Congress of South African Trade Union (Cosatu) house in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Picture: Janice Healing/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News understands Congress of South African Trade Union (Cosatu) Central Executive Committee (CEC) will decide this morning whether to continue talks on the African National Congress (ANC) team's report on its future, or to only discuss the issues around National Union of Metworkers SA (Numsa), at another special meeting.

Yesterday, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa reported back on whether the ANC believes Cosatu can continue, or whether it should expel Numsa which is its biggest affiliate.

Numsa is accused of breaking Cosatu rules by withdrawing its support from the ANC and poaching members from other unions.

It's understood that after Ramphosa finished his presentation, Cosatu officials debated on whether they should continue discussing that report.

This morning they due to decide whether to continue with this discussion in a conversation that could possibly end with a vote to expel or suspend Numsa.

They could also decide to pause this process again and to hold another special meeting to discuss that task team report, and then possibly make a final decision on the issue.

However, officials will know that time is running out and if this issue isn't finalised by the time of the upcoming CEC meeting, that gathering could see the federation split for good.